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Farragut Class (also known as Coontz Class)

Note: Various publications including some U.S. Navy publications refer to this class as the Coontz Class. The U.S. Navy has traditionally referred to a class by the name of the lowest hull numbered ship in the class. Therefore, the proper name should be the Farragut Class.

The first three ships (Farragut, Luce and Macdonough) were ordered in 1956 as DL-6 through DL-8 to an all-gun design. The second three ships (Coontz, King and Mahan) were ordered at the same time as DLG-1 through DLG-3 to gun and missile design.

During construction the decision was made to build all six to the gun and missile (Coontz) design. But although they were all built to the Coontz design, the lowest hull numbered ship of the class was Farragut. We, therefore, refer to them all as the Farragut Class as we feel this is consistent with Navy tradition.

In November 1956, before construction had begun on any of them, the designation of all six ships was changed to DLG.
Length overall: 512' 6"
Length between perpendiculars: 490' 0"
Extreme Beam: 52' 4"
Limiting draft: 19' 0"

Light Ship Displacement: 4,853 tons
Full Load Displacement: 6,124 tons

Fuel capacity: 810 tons

One 5"/54 caliber guns
One ASROC Launcher
Two 12.75" triple anti-submarine torpedo tubes
One Mark 10 Mod 0 Guided Missile Launching System (Terrier)
Two Harpoon Missile Launchers

30 Officers
364 Enlisted

4 Boilers
2 Allis Chalmers Turbines: 85,000 horsepower

Speed: 33 knots



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