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USS Dahlgren
USS Dahlgren DLG-12 / DDG-43 The official website dedicated to the destroyer USS Dahlgren DLG-12 / DDG-43
USS Dahlgren DLG-12 / DDG-43 DLD-12 in black and white glory.
USS Dahlgren DLG-12 / DDG-43 The usual berthing pier
USS Dahlgren DLG-12 / DDG-43 Overseas Med-moor
USS Dahlgren DLG-12 / DDG-43 Terrier missile system. 55B radars with TSAMs on the rails. The FT's and GM's are running their DSOTs.
USS Dahlgren DLG-12 / DDG-43 TSAMs.
USS Dahlgren DLG-12 / DDG-43 Anchors away, haze gray and underway!
USS Dahlgren DLG-12 / DDG-43 USS Dahlgren, doing what it did best, cruising.
USS Dahlgren DLG-12 / DDG-43 Missile fired.
USS Dahlgren DLG-12 / DDG-43 Splash and go... .
USS Dahlgren DLG-12 / DDG-43 Crossing an ocean.
USS Dahlgren DLG-12 / DDG-43 Impressive profile the Dahlgren had.

Upcoming Event:

Website reconstruction...
Rebuilding the Ship's website


Reunion 2016
Update on the 2016 Reunion; The dates will be from Wednesday, June 08, 2016 till Sunday June 12, 2016 with days available before and after for those who cannot get enough of Lexington. We will have a Hospitality room that will stay open 24 hours a day. There is a room for the ships store, open when Tommy or one of his assistants is around. And a Banquet Room for Saturday Nights meal. Cost of room is $85.00 per night + tax. Dinner on Saturday will cost around $25.00 per person for a Two Entree Buffet and will run from 5:00 PM (1700) till 11:00 PM (2300). Info on Hotel: Clarion Hotel Lexington Conference Center 5532 Athens Boonesboro Road Lexington, KY 40509 (859)263-5241 If you know of a fellow shipmate that does not do FaceBook please contact them and let them know about the reunion! We have lost access to many shipmates in the email data base, so after FB & e-mail, telephone or snailmail are the only other ways we have of letting everyone know what is going on. See the USS Dahlgren Facebook page for more info and feedback by your shipmates.

Recent News:

Website in the yards...
Gitmo shakedown taken place. Working on backend forms for updating content. Taking longer than expected. But progress is being made. Almost ready to hand off.

Visit our facebook page.
Running commentary by those that had served on the decks of the USS Dahlgren. Please make sure to visit the ship's facebook page.
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Haze gray and underway!